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4 generations of hospitality industry 


Fam. Beckers, a hospitality family in heart and sould with a rich history of catering and plenty of milestones!

120 years ago, the first generation Beckers started "Hotel Beckers" at the Wilhelminasquare in Heerlen.

60 years ago, the second generationd Giel and Charlotte Beckers started the well-known "Castellum".

On April 30, 1965 Auberge de Rousch was founded by Charlotte and Giel and they moved their hospitality heart to Welten.

The baton was taken over 40 years ago by Henri and Pascale Beckers and 5 years ago they received help from their son Nigel with his girlfriend Britt. In 2020 we will proudly celebrate our 55th anniversary.

With our motto in mind: "You are young and you want something", we take on a new challenge in our Hospitality family.