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Take away meals


Unfortunately, we have also had to close our restaurant again because of the new measures by the government
Our cuisine still wants to be creative, so from the 16th of October we start with our delicious seasonal dishes which you can take away at our restaurant 

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€ 3,95Wild mushroomssoup with baguette and butter 

€ 4,95Pea soup with smoked sausage served with Limburgish rye bread

€ 4,95Vegetarian pea soup with vegetarian smoked sausage and Limburgish rye bread

€ 8,95Carpaccio of salmon with limecrème, crayfish tails and a herb dressing

€ 8,95Carpaccio of venison with tartufatacrème, rocket, Parmesan cheese and a raspberry reduction 

€ 9,00Salad with goat's cheese, puffed vegetables, caramelized nuts, raspberry reduction, baguette and butter 

€ 9,00Salad with scampi, shrimp, smoked salmon, crayfish tails, puffed vegetables, a herb dressing and a cocktail sauce. Served with baguette and butter


Main dishes:

€ 9,95Spaghetti with green asparagus, puffed eggplant, zucchini, peppers and ried girolles. Served with Parmesan cheese, tartufatacrème sauce and a small green salad

€ 9,95Wild stew with sauerkraut hotchpot and bacon served with a vegetable garnish, cranberries and a small green salad

€ 9,95Fish stew with salmon, red bass, scampi, shrimps and crayfish tails. Served with a white wine sauce and spaghetti 

€ 12,50Salmon with legumes, mashed potatoes and a small green salad. Served with a Beurre Blanc sauce 

€ 12,50 Wild boar tenderloin with cranberries, 2 sorts of hotchpot and sprouts. Served with a wild sauce in a Burgundian way (red wine and Grand Marnier)

€ 13,50Filet de Boeuf with Stroganoffsauce, vegetables and Rozeval potatoes

€ 15,95Wild stew with a piece of venison tenderloin, sauerkraut hotchpot, bacon, a vegetable garnish, cranberries and a small green salad

€ 16,50Veal loin fillet served with a red wine sauce and trompette de la mort and girolles, bimi, puffed vegetables and Rozeval potatoes

€ 27,50Lobster from the oven with spaghetti and vegetables



€ 3,95Homemade tiramisu served with a Baileys sauce 

€ 3,95Chocolate cake with a red fruit coulis 


The take aways meals can be picked between 4:00 PM and 7:30 PM

The take away meals are properly packed (cold) so that you can heat them at home in the microwave, pan or oven. 

It is a bit different, but this way you can still enjoy our meals at home! 

We do not serve á la carte dishes during the holidays.


Christmas menu take away

Do you prefer to celebrate christmas at home?

We have therefore chosen to set up a fine 5 course Christmasdinner for you at home this year. The price for the Christmas menu take away will be € 59.95 per person. 

You can also opt for an additional wine package 
Wine package 1: 4 bottles of accompanying wines á €59.95 per package
Wine package 2: 4 luxurious bottles of accompanying wines á € 79/95 per package


Venison pastrami on celeriac puree, roasted yellow pepper, pine nuts,

Parmesan cheese, frisee and a lime dressing with sushi vinegar

Accompanying wine package 1: Alvarinho, Pouco Comum, Minho, Portugal

Accompanying wine package 2: Viura Malvasia, Amaren, Rioja, Spain



Strong oxtail soup with port essence, mushrooms and chives


Sea bass, mashed potatoes with carrot, fennel en scallion, green asparagus and a Pernodsauce with chervil

Accompanying wine package 1: Chardonnay, Care, Cariñena, Spain

Accompanying wine package 2: Chardonnay Barrica, Castille Monjardin, Navarra, Spain


Duet of  veal loin fillet and venison, ravioli with cep, zucchini from the oven,

haricots verts and a Muscatelsauce with shallots and a brown veal stock

Accompanying wine package 1: Garnache and Syra, Bodega Pagos del Moncayo, Campo de Borja, Spain

Accompanying wine package 2: Zin Fandel, Ravenswood, Lodi, California


Glass with crème Anglaise, hazelnut  and chocolate mousse,

Maraschino cherries and a Baileys-rumsauce

Accompanying wine package 1: Ron Miel

Accompanying wine package 2: Brachetto


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