Tafel reserveren Kamer boeken


Our Family and History

Hospitality is our priority. You get the space that you are looking for. Have a drink and a snack on a sunny terrace, a romantic dinner à la carte in a nice environment, a buffet with all the space for you and your family or a room to convince others of a business approach. You tell us what you need  and we provide the solution! We welcome you to Auberge de Rousch - surprisingly versatile and attractive.

De Rousch was once a monestary. Monks mined the grounds on which now Auberge de Rousch stands. We thank the name to the wild rustling brook that once streamed next to the monestary. Until 1963, so-called 'gentlemen farmers' lived and worked at De Rousch. Due to the build of the new Atrium Hospital at the time, the farming tradition of the monestary came to an end. However, the Beckers family started, with the opening of Auberge de Rousch in 1965, the culinary tradition in which one can still taste the vibe of the rich country life.

Still now, 50 years later, we welcome you to Auberge de Rousch in Heerlen.
Pascale and Henri Beckers