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Goodbye to a loved one does not always have to be done in an auditorium of a cemetery or crematorium. A more personal farewell and / or coffee table at Auberge de Rousch might suit you better.

At Auberge de Rousch we assume that every goodbye is also the start of a memory. We would like to make this memory as special as possible for you, an appropriate farewell to your loved one.
The intimate and authentic character of the farm has been preserved during the renovations, because that is precisely what distinguishes our organization and makes it possible to give our guests the space to meet their individual wishes. Auberge de Rousch has been a family business for almost 50 years and we are happy to welcome you into our family.
Auberge de Rousch wants to make saying goodbye to you and your family as special and easy as possible. We do this in an appropriate way with a wide variety of spaces, in an oasis of peace and a natural environment, beautiful views and terraces, extensive and complete funeral, space for your personal wishes and input and - very important - a lot of personal attention.

You can contact us directly here or contact us by telephone on 045-571 58 90