Tafel reserveren Kamer boeken


Tourist Attractions

Gaia Zoo

Located 10 minutes from Hotel de Rousch you can travel in one of the most beautiful zoos in the Netherlands and meet special animals. In 2018 GaiaZOO was again voted the best day out in the Netherlands by the ANWB!


Street Art Heerlen

Heerlen is one large open-air museum. In recent years, murals (murals) and other forms of street art have been created by (inter) national top artists in dozens of places in the city. A large part of the mural collection can be admired while walking through the center.


Thermen Museum

Heerlen is the only one of the cities in South Limburg mentioned on a Roman road map from the 4th century. That is why we know with certainty that Heerlen was called Coriovallum in Roman times. The Thermenmuseum tells the story of the Romans in South Limburg. The masterpiece is the Roman bathhouse: the best-preserved Roman (public) bath building in the Netherlands.


Dutch Mining Museum

The Dutch Mining Museum brings that which has been forgotten, buried, covered or stored away from the depths back to the surface. A world without mines was almost impossible to imagine in the Limburg mining region in the 1950s. Nevertheless, the closure of the coal mines was announced in 1965 by Minister Den Uyl.



Kinderstad is a children's paradise with an indoor play area and various attractions for children small and large, open every day.